Monday, November 30, 2009

David Prater Commentary

"The Germ! The Germ!" is from an unpublished MS called Leaves of Glass, which is loosely based on correspondence between Walt Whitman and the Australian poet Bernard O'Dowd in the 1890s. In these letters, O'Dowd revealed much about his inner desires and passions. The title of the poem is taken from O'Dowd's poem "Cupid" in which he concludes:

"So that it live The Germ ! The Germ !
It matters not to me
If sheep or tiger, man or worm
Earth's victor-captain be."

David Prater's publications include The Happy Farang (self-published, 2000), We Will Disappear (papertiger media, 2007) and Morgenland (Vagabond Press, 2007). He is managing editor of the online poetry journal Cordite Poetry Review.

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